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Community antenatal care (C-ANC)

Bwalo la Uchembere

 “Our proactive community health worker care model provides community-based maternal child health care to vulnerable women and children to reduce preventable deaths.”

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Our Maternal Child Health MNCH interventions aim at ending maternal deaths by promoting early antenatal care ANC admissions among pregnant mothers, each mother who starts ANC within the recommended time receives incentives of wrappers, locally known as chitenje to keep the unborn baby warm.
 Village mobile clinics
Village mobile clinics are key in reducing chronic illnesses and increasing survival rates of children under five years old.
 Village Acute Malnutrition Management
we identify malnourished children and feed them for twelve consecutive days with locally nutritious porridge containing all six food groups.
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Uchembere Wa Ngwiro: Empowering Safe Motherhood in Malawi
Explore our impactful journey in rural Malawi as we strive to eliminate maternal and neonatal deaths through the Uchembere Wa Ngwiro Safe Motherhood Project. Witness our dedicated efforts to remove critical delays and enhance newborn survival rates, shaping a safer future for mothers and infants in our communities.

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Visit by Segal Family Foundation staff member

Visit by Segal Family Foundation staff member

Monday, January 29, 2024

In the heart of Chingalire village, Temwa, a Segal Family Foundation member, embarked on a journey of discovery, engaging with community members and immersing herself in their stories. Amidst laughter and shared moments, she witnessed the resilience of mothers, their unwavering hope painting a brighter tomorrow. Each encounter echoed the power of community and the promise of transformation, as Temwa carried with her the spirit of compassion and solidarity, igniting hope for a better future in Chingalire and beyond.  

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Partnering with diverse entities, Smile Mums Foundation aims to enhance maternal and child health through unified efforts and innovative solutions